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12 Month Price Guarantee

At APB Storage, we firmly believe that rent increases suck! That's why we promise that your rent will stay exactly the same as when you first signed up for at least 12 months.
Learn all about our 12 Month Price Guarantee below.

The New Trend

Dynamic pricing is the newest trend in the storage industry that is rapidly rising in popularity with many facility owners. This pricing model uses software that automatically lowers the rate for new renters and raises the rent for current renters. It changes prices based on the facility's current occupancy levels.

Put simply, this means that your rent rate changes every month depending on how full the facility is, never staying any one consistent amount. Operators who use this pricing model are punishing their long-term customers with inconsistent, higher prices. And at APB Storage, we think that's wrong.

The Competition's Tricks

More and more storage operators are adopting models like dynamic pricing as well as others that are designed to trick people. Renters think they're getting a storage unit for a really good deal. Then the operators raise the rates in hopes that moving is more of a hassle than just dealing with the price increases.

Some tactics used besides monthly price changes are:

  • Deceptive first-month deals that are different from what you'll actually pay

  • Hidden fees they don't tell you about until during the checkout process

  • Online-only discounts designed to discourage having to help people in person

  • And more


We think that all of these practices are shady and unethical.

Our Stance on These Trends

Many "industry experts" insist that the dynamic pricing model is the future of the storage industry and that we need to get on board. We've thought about it. Instead, we've decided to dig our heels in and refuse to adopt this unfair pricing model while everyone around us does. We were told we'd be one of the only facilities without it and we're more than happy to have that status.

As a small family-owned business, we understand that random price increases and inconsistent monthly bills are unfair and unsustainable for our customers. We care about you and the storage experience that you have while renting from us, and can't stand the idea of nickel and diming our customers just to make a quick buck.

Our Promise to You

Because we are against dynamic pricing and believe in consistent reliable prices for our customers, we proudly stand by our 12 Month Price Guarantee.


When you rent with us, we promise that your rent rate will not increase from the market rate that it was when you first signed up with us for at least 12 months from your original first payment date. You'll know exactly what your rate is every month for at least an entire year without ever having to worry about increases or surprises.

At APB Storage we believe in providing our customers with a simple, stress-free experience. No hidden fees, no long-term commitments, and no gimmicks. Just safe and reliable storage from a local family. 

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